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Let Tip Top Roofing & Construction take a look when roofing fails, moisture penetration results. If overlooked, water infiltration can lead to costly wood rot, and unhealthy mold, and mildew growth in your home. You may only need to replace a roof once or twice in your lifetime, and it’s important to know the facts about roof replacement cost and what factors influence this major investment.

There are significant differences between various roofing material types. The product you choose will directly impact:

  • The look of your roof

  • The weight of your roof

  • How damage resistant your roof is

  • How long your roof will last


Composite Asphalt Shingles Cost

Asphalt roofing installation costs will vary based on size, and most homeowners choose this roofing material for three reasons: it’s cost-effective, easy to install, and simple to repair. Asphalt composition shingles are an entry-level product, while lifetime shingles are a more substantial product with an increased cost.

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